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A sister project of redeem, the Kino Projekt (2009-ongoing) is a collaboration between visual artist Siska and performance artist Franziska Pierwoß. Kino Al-Amir was part/teil von Draussenstadt in 2022.

The Kino Projekt is a traveling cinema that focuses on local amateur film archive and questions of cultural memory. For this edition the Kino Projekt  took place in Berlin as a Drive-in- cinema in collaboration with Hopscotch Reading Room screening a program with a special focus on Syria, Lebanon and  the MENA region. In 2011 the Kino Projekt travelled to Aleppo and due to the out-break of the Syrian civil war, could not be realised on site until today. Reviving Cinema Al-Amir from Aleppo’s Baron Street in Berlin as a film platform for “cinema in exile, exile in cinema” screening three programs: Projecting Towards a Possible Future, Drive me Tender and Kino Al-Amir special co-curated by Philip Widmann. “Bring your car or radio, tune in, sit back, and enjoy the films!”

Cinema Al-Amir neon designed by Nancy Naser Al-Deen and assisted by Siska. The neon was made by Neonardo. Graphic design poster and leaflet by ARC Gestaltung. The technical set up and management by Wahid Al Soloh aka Squat Deluxe. The documentation of the event by Karam Ghossein. Team assitance by the Hopscotch staff.  

︎Click for more information about the Kino Projekt
︎Location: Hopscotch reading room in Berlin 
︎ Format: in person drive in with radio frequency