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Podcast 3                                                               17´45´´
Mad3oum value in a state of economic crisis                                                                      مدعوم
Released on February 20th 2022

Participatory research podcast by Franziska Pierwoß 

"Mad3oum - value in a state of economic crisis" is a co-commissioned podcast by Franziska Pierwoss centered around the notion of value in a failing economy, focusing on questions of food consumption in Lebanon today. The idea for the project emerged in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion in August 2020 and the subsequent worsening of the economic crisis in Lebanon. With a food economy dependent on foreign imports, Lebanon is currently forced to re-discover its potential as an agricultural actor; but what forms of agriculture and vending models will prove sustainable in this crisis?

The video Mad3oum, originally commissioned by Temporary Art Platform TAP in 2021, was also exhibited at Haus der Statistik from 27th - 28th August 2021, as part of redeem´s public show. 

Co-commissioned by redeem رديم

Music by Christian Blumberg 

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︎Format: Participatory research podcast