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Mutaradim                                           متردّم
Released online on January 9th 202

The collaboration of the Lebanese-born filmmaker and musician Siska and the sound artist and music producer Felix Claßen takes place in a field of tension between experimental electronic club music and Arabic-language rap. In music and text, the two Berlin-based artists negotiate content from their independent artistic projects as well as their curatorial practice.

In the northeast of Madagascar lives the Indri, a lemur species of which it is said that the souls of deceased humans live on in it. Because of human interference in its habitat, the species, also known as the monkey song, has itself long been threatened with extinction. The piercing howl of an Indri is at the beginning of "Mutaradim", the first joint release by Siska-K6 & Felix Claßen. The two have recorded four pieces in which they uncover repressed memories, link the background noise of history with rage and new aggressiveness and revive them in the form of music.

A newsletter and social media announcement will follow in 2023 about the physical release of the EP. Below is a link where you can listen to the album and order the vinyl or the digital tracks.

Commissioned by redeem رديم

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︎Format: EP - 4 tracks in addition to a podcast